Good website and easy to navigate - "more is less". Your positioning around "Make Life Easy " is evidenced in the way your website has been designed. Congratulations on launching a perspective of the future of banking in Namibia. Good luck!

With EBank, you can't be technological phobic. I need a born free in my house coz I am opening an account there. Great work by great minds.

#EBank team is made up of people. I mean PEOPLE.

By dialing *140*140#, I managed to open my EBank account within 2 minutes. This type of banking is the way to go!

No queues, no hassles. Opening a bank account can't get any easier than this #EBank

I must applaud you for the job well done, EBank is the future! Most accessible bank, I hope it's rolled out country wide!

Just joined EBank. Looks fascinating!

Wow, this EBank concept sounds very interesting! Quite innovative actually.

By far EBank has one of the best responsive web platform, reading terms and conditions feels effortless. We welcome new kid on the block. #Namibia.

Must say - heavy impressed with the system and service thus far :)

Just bought goods at the till from my EBank account. It's so simple! I like it! :-) Easy, Safe, Smart banking is the motto :)

You don't realise the innovation behind EBank, its the same evolutionary step humans took when they realised they can carry a phone with them.

" Thanks for passing your benefits to your clients "

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